Set Designing and Model Making

Set Designing and Model Making

At Curtain Raiser we train students both aesthetical and functional aspect of set designing . Here students learn to design sets for Television Programs, Movies, Events, Talk Shows, Stages, Theaters, etc. Set Designing is more complicated and technical than it sounds. And hence requires a practical training.


  • Subject Introduction
  • Concept Development
  • Script Interpretations & Text Analysis
  • Research & Paper work
  • Psychology of colours, patterns and lines
  • Realistic & Non Realistic set
  • Design Strategies
  • Team & Sequence Performance
  • Principles & Elements of Set Design
  • Material Used
  • Construction of Set Design
  • Practical Aspects
  • Set Dressing
  • Set design and Art direction on set work process
  • Relation between set & Character
  • Location Hunting
  • Script Reading
  • Breakdown
  • Story Boarding
  • Property Design
  • Services
  • Action props/ Set props design methods
  • Set dressing & Setting management
  • Safety Measures
  • Special Effects
  • Presentation Techniques

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 10 sessions
  • Tuition Fee: Rs 11,000
  • Age criteria:  14 years and above


Upon successful completion of this programme the students are awarded a Certificate