Founder Director

Prashant Girkar

Filmmaker and Founder-Director, Curtain Raiser (CRAFT)

Prashant Mahadev Girkar is an Indian filmmaker known for his works in Marathi and Hindi cinema.
A successful Producer-Director in the field of entertainment for almost 3 decades; his contribution to the world of theatre and cinema has been phenomenal.

A passionate filmmaker Prashant Mahadev Girkar started his career at the age of 16 as a dancer and choreographer under the umbrella of Guru Parvathi Kumar and Shri Ramesh Purav. His passion for dramas and films gave him an opportunity to assist some of the finest directors in the industry. Damu Kenkre, Vinay Apte, Machindra Kambli, Debu Deodhar and many more. He has worked extensively with actors giving them their first break in the film industry.

The pioneer behind the daily soaps on Marathi television, Prashant was the first to start the trend with Samantar on ETV as a director.

From the man behind the camera to cover news for Nalini Singh’s ‘Ankhon-Dekhi’ on Zee as a cameraman to working closely with our former Prime Minister Shri Atal Bihari Vajpayee Ji, Prashant has earned love and respect for his work from the best in the industry.

His ability to translate his experiences into his work brings out a change in a responsive multi-cultural environment.

He has several films, dramas, advertisements and television shows credited to his portfolio. He is a recipient of several awards such as the State and International.