Nameeta Wagle-Girkar

Director, Curtain Raiser

An actor is born as an actor, but a good actor develops after skilful training and guidance.
In a world full of competition and rat race, it is a great help to mentor the natural actor within to achieve the fullest potential.

Following these footsteps, Nameeta is endowed with a rich and vibrant film & entertainment industry experience of over 20 years. A child artist, Nameeta has acted in a lot of projects and subsequently directed and produced many commercials for full-length plays. She has been very fortunate to seek knowledge from Pt Satyadev Dubeyji and Shri Jaidev Hattangadi.

Nameeta has an innate understanding of the human mind required in the process of mindset transformation. She is an established corporate trainer, facilitator and life coach. She is also known for her use of drama-based techniques to engage participants and imbibe the principles of theatre, theories of emotions and psychology into making her workshops and training sessions effective with children and grownups.

Known for her dedication and passion towards CRAFT and the world of cinema where she instinctively appreciates all things creative – whether cinema, literature or innovation.

From nurturing a culture of creativity to designing and innovating at CRAFT & Little Theatre (Baal Rangabhumi), she has been spearheading the divisions with enthusiasm and creativity.

She has been a catalyst towards developing the right talent that goes a long way in achieving their dreams in the world of entertainment. At CRAFT, her initiative and zeal drive towards creating tomorrow’s talent progress in a better way.

Her agility to work across scales and disciplines makes her a woman of substance carving a niche in the entertainment realm.