Little Theatre

Little Theatre Baal Kala Academy

Looking for best acting classes and drama workshops for children, then Little Theatre (Baal Rangabhumi) is the best option.

‘Little Theatre (Baal Rangabhumi)’ established in 1959 was founded by Late Sudhatai Karmarkar. At that time, it was the first ever children drama school in India.

The legacy of Little Theatre continues in its original spirit and aim for providing a structured learning platform for children. Learning through hands-on training on original plays of veterans of the industry is an aim to nurture, guide and counsel students for personal or professional growth.


With more than 2000 shows and commercial full-length plays for children & grown-ups, Little Theatre has given birth to industry stalwarts like Lakshmikant Berde, Bhakti Barve-Inamdar, Dilip Prabhawalkar, Sumeet Ragahavan, and many more.

Little Theatre (Baal Rangabhumi) being handed over officially by Late Sudhatai Karmarkar to Nameeta & Prashant Girkar is now a division of Curtain Raiser and is active with acting classes, theatre and film workshops and summer camps for children in Pune and Mumbai.

The summer camps at Little Theatre (Baal Rangabhumi) are a major hit with parents too as they see distinct development in their children and that’s exactly what little theatre focuses on. Public speaking and dramatics are often underestimated in their capacity to educate children. The students not only explore these arts but they also learn to find their individuality and sharpen their confidence; learn to be comfortable in their own skin through drama as a tool in the process of learning.

Children learn to make friends, break the ice and strike conversations naturally and interact with others around. Discipline, Time Management, Team Work, Personality Development, Speech, Out of the Box Thinking, Vocabulary Building, Text Reading and Comprehensions, Creativity, Diction, Stage Presence, Communication Skills, Presentation Skills, Handling Emotions, Body Language, Methods to develop Self-confidence, Enhancing their Imagination, Learning to Trust, and Developing Focus are just a few skills the students polish and discover during these exhausting yet entertaining sessions at Little Theatre acting workshops.

Little Theatre (Baal Rangabhumi) is now nurtured by Nameeta Wagle-Girkar.