Film and Theater Acting

Diploma Course

This three months the intensive and exhaustive full-time professional course provides a complete specialized training in acting. A variety of classes are conducted by industry professionals which will help polish and broadens their knowledge on the styles and techniques on acting. This programme concentrates on the foundations and principles of acting, using theatre techniques applicable to on screen acting or facing the camera . Students focus intensifies on applying the techniques they have learned to more elaborate scene work and on-camera exercises— all designed to develop and hone their screen-acting ability. Students are trained by professionals on the technical, emotional, and physical aspects necessary for film acting. Celebrity guest lectures and counselling and mentoring by professionals help the students to put their first step into the world of lights, camera and action


  • Opening -Up Exercises
  • Body Language
  • Theatre Games
  • Elements Of Acting
  • Action Problems
  • Imagination Exercises
  • Acting Techniques
  • Character Study / Characterisation
  • Reaction Timing
  • Rasa's
  • Mime Exercises with Game
  • Voice Culture
  • Improvisation
  • Monologues
  • Theatre Workshop (Short Play )
  • Auditioning
  • Improvisation (Emotions)
  • Improvisation (Theme)
  • Voice Modulation And Variation
  • Speech
  • Scene Study
  • Theory Of Emotions
  • Physiology Of Emotions
  • Sense Memory
  • Fights
  • Camera Breakdown Of Scene
  • Shot Divisions
  • Croma Shoots / Camera facing
  • Info on Animations
  • Editing
  • Lights Practical and Sets
  • Dubbing / Song Recording
  • Film / Television Orientation
  • Production Design
  • Script Writing
  • Screen Play
  • Song Picturisazion
  • photo shoots
  • Camera Practical
  • Short film by students
  • Study Tour
  • Drama By Students
  • Performance on Stage
  • Guidance & Stepping Out
  • Certification For Advanced Course

Course Details

Acting Techniques

Students will learn to apply different world renowned techniques like Stanislavski , Meisner , Strasberg, Atlantic’s Practical aesthetics , that will help the students understand, analyize and most importantly apply the techniques of Acting in the utmost natural way. Here the students in depth understand the history of Acting, traditional and classical modes of Acting, Realistic form of Acting that is popularly known as Method Acting and the contemporary techniques And methods , to transform the art of performance more effectively and gracefully

Body Movements and stage presence

The body being the most important tool of an actor, needs to be the most flexible so as to mould themselves to get into the skin of any character and do justice to the role while performing on screen or stage. As an actor an individual by default needs to known rhythm, pace, tempo, gestures, postures, gait , body language, compositions,
The flexibility of an actor upon a stage/ screen determines his worth as an artist. The students are made to a series of prime exercises and warm ups which are conducted in the beginning of almost every acting class. These movement classes enables one to become swife, flexible graceful and energetic and to shed inhibition

Stage Combat / Onscreen action

Almost every actor is called upon to do stunts during one’s career. CURTAIN RAISER familiarizes students with combat techniques.

Voice Culture, Diction and Speech

By practising different breathing exercises, and learning different techniques the students learn voice modulation and understand the power of their own voice. This helps students use the right tone, volume, pauses with clarity in speech hence making the scene better with a good dialogue delivery . The voice also being one of the most important tool of an actor, here the aspiring artists learn how to modify and control the various resonators and muscles. Correct pronunciations, diction and articulation helps the actors justify the character being played.

Actor and Camera

The actor and camera being the most important aspect of the workshop the training sessions will give the students a complete understanding on the importance of the camera, camera placement, camera movement, shot division, shot taking, types of shots, the presence of the actor before the camera, s, auditions preparation, the differentiation between Fim actiung and Tv Ads acting thus focusing on all the technical nuances of film acting. These sessions will be heavily practical based to get maximum hands on experience

Film and Drama Appreciation

This course facilitates the students students study films and theatre extensively, analyze cinema in microscopic detail, capture the exclusive aesthetics of filmmakers the world over, and above all, fall in love with the medium immensely.

Scene & Character studies

Students will go through exhaustive and intensive classroom exercises where various types of scenes, and the components within the scenes, are meticulously studied by observing the minutest details of classic and contemporary movies with a focus on navrasas, expressions and movements. Here they will learn on studying characters and building them.

Guest Lectures

These sessions involve experts from the film , television, Ad world and theatre industry and other affiliated industries . Experts such as Directors, Producers , Dieticians Casting Directors, Make up artists, Production managers , Counsellors, Fashion Models, Sill photographers Grooming teachers are invited to hand hold and counsel the students.

Final Play Presentation & Certification

Students are made to apply all the training they have learnt in a presentation at the culmination of the Diploma Program. Their performance is staged for the students’ family and friends on the final day of the course at the CURTAIN RAISER studio.

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 3 months
  • Age criteria:  14 years and above
  • Class Schedule: Monday to Friday
  • Class Time: 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 8 months
  • Age criteria:  14 years and above
  • Class Schedule: Saturday
    3:00 pm to 8:pm
  • Sunday 11:00am to 4:00pm


Upon successful completion of this programme the students are awarded a Certificate