Basic Course

Our weekend workshop is specially designed to help students and working professionals with erratic week day schedules discover the actor in them. This weekend course provides a thorough foundation of acting skills with a focus in helping them understand the basic techniques involved in developing their acting skills.

And the daily evening Part-time course provides students the training they need while allowing them to balance their work/study life with their passion.

This course prepares you for on the basics of screen acting, stage drama acting and dialogue delivery. This programme draws together an eclectic group of people from young working professionals to international students to people who are well-established in busy careers. The tools used here are theatre games , exercises and activities .


  • Film & Television orientation
  • Opening -Up Exercises
  • Theatre Games
  • Elements Of Acting
  • Action Problems
  • Imagination Exercises
  • Acting Techniques
  • Character Study / Characterisation
  • Rasa's
  • Mime Exercises with Game
  • Voice Culture
  • Theatre Workshop (Short Play )
  • Auditioning
  • Improvisation (Emotions )
  • Camera Facing

Course Details

Acting Techniques & orientation

This module equips an actor to engage in the basics different genres of acting including drama, comedy across a spectrum of styles; from method to realistic to contemporary to physical acting styles.

Voice & Speech and Diction

Students will understand and develop good vocal habits, voice and voice modulation. With the help of breathing techniques, the students can strengthen their voice muscles and the importance of clarity of speech — articulation as well as expressions.

Navrasas & Movements

The foundation of acting .Students will learn to deliver a believable performance,as actors one must involve their entire bodies and work on their emotions when acting. In this module they are trained to thoroughly understand the use of posture, gestures and expressions.

Actor, Camera ,Scene Study

Here the students will be trained to perform live on stage as well as in front of the camera Breaking down each scene, working on pauses, working on the character stage and camera presence looking at how it fits into the overall story and how and why the character is in the scene is known as scene study which is an essential component of actor training. These sessions are crucial in training to be an actor. This helps an actor to thoroughly understand camera position, camera angles, actor marks etc. Here the students will be trained the basics of camera facing

Audition and screen testing

The first impressions and the most important aspect in an actor’s career is a screen test or audition. Screen test and audition training helps actors to practice the screen test / audition process in a similar casting environment and under the same expectations of time that working actors have to prepare for an audition.

Final play performance

Students are made to apply all the training they have learnt in a presentation at the culmination of the Part Time Course. Their performance is staged for the students’ family and friends on the final day of the course at the CURTAIN RAISER studio.

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 15 sessions
  • Tuition Fee: Rs 21,000
  • Course Duration: 3 Hours
  • Age criteria:  14 years and above
  • Class Schedule: Monday to Friday
  • Class Time: 6:00 am – 9:00 pm

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 15 sessions
  • Tuition Fee: Rs 21,000
  • Course Duration: 3 Hours
  • Age criteria:  14 years and above
  • Class Schedule: Saturday - Sunday
  • Class Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm - 2:00pm to 5:00pm


Upon successful completion of this programme the students are awarded a Certificate