Basic Course

Dubbing, in filmmaking, is a process of adding new dialogue or other sounds to the sound track of a motion picture that has already been shot.
At Curtain Raiser Academy of Film & Theatre (CRAFT) we focus on 'Enhancing Your Voice' with guidance & practical trainings that will transform and mould your voice to enable - 'Engage Your Audience' both on and off screen
At CRAFT you will learn to use your voice at optimum level, Voice culture, Speech Clarity, Intonation, Breathing Techniques, Pitch, Tone, Range, Voice Projection, Diction, Pronunciation, etc with our Voice Modulation Expert and Multifaceted trainers through our various professional training programs for Dubbing & Voice Over’s


  • Warm-up techniques
  • Voice Improvement exercises
  • Voice Modulation training
  • Improving Pronunciation and Diction
  • Technology and Equipment used in Dubbing studio
  • Lip Synching
  • How to read the Script and practice
  • Voice Over techniques
  • Dubbing and Non-sync Dubbing
  • Emotional Mapping
  • VO for Film, TV serials, Cartoons and Documentaries
  • VO for Radio & TVC advertisements
  • Practical’s live in our Dubbing studio and Recording
  • Understand the voice and the science behind voice ?
  • Difference between Dubbing & Voice Over Dubbings
  • What is the distance between the dubbing artist and micen
  • More practical’s with guest celebrities and how to market yourself.
  • Preparing your demo CD
  • Career guidance

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 8 sessions
  • Tuition Fee: Rs 16,000
  • Course Duration: 4 Hours
  • Age criteria:  10 years and above
  • Class Schedule: Saturday-Sunday
  • Class Time: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm

Course Information

  • Course Duration: 52 sessions
  • Tuition Fee: Rs 55,000
  • Course Duration: 4 Hours
  • Age criteria:  4 years and above
  • Class Schedule: Saturday - Sunday
  • Class Time: 5:00 pm to 9:00 spm


Upon successful completion of this programme the students are awarded a Certificate