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CRAFT is a theatre institute that specializes in Corporate education through Theatre, skill development education programs, speech - drama workshops, inbound outbound trainings ,development and interventions.

Theatre provides a new paradigm for training that connects not only with the intellect but also the heart and body. The sheer exuberance, open- endedness and participatory nature of theatre makes it a persuasive medium to present information.

Corporate education through Theatre and Performances can be extremely effective by mixing training with theatre as a tool. This is an exceptional opportunity to strengthen group dynamics and empower individuals, helping them achieve their personal and group goals while having fun in the process.


Participants not only retain the message but also learn to think and act differently. Today, theatre is recognized as an impactful way to address several training and personal growth challenges. It unblocks creative energy and lets it be expressed. The awareness and alertness created by this expression gets directly channelled into work. Moreover, ‘play’ful behaviours are associated with greater flexibility, team cohesion, innovative responses and self esteem.

At CRAFT our endeavor is to refine processes and enhance human capital. The DNA of CRAFT is creativity. And our goal is to positively impact parameters that contribute to the organizational success with a focus on holistic employee development.

We create a low-stress atmosphere where teams can have fun and learn together. Whether the group is newly acquainted, has never met each other, or has shared the same office space for ten years, our programs unite and inspire participants, and have lasting effects.

Our drama based trainings are colourful, playful, deep and focus on Emotions, Learning’s Discoveries and Takeaways as an objective We bring in the nuances of theatre to bring about an experience for our participants.

Our celebrity guests and master trainers transfer the participants to the era, where the heart and soul is stirred. Our specially designed trainings for corporate imbibe the learning objectives with an unforgettable experience that stimulates various senses We ensure that learning is enlightening, engaging and fun.

We have been successfully able to implement this exercise at various NGO’s , schools , colleges , management institutes , corporate , Govt and public sector under takings and the results have not only been encouraging but heart warming.
We work with clients who have an avid interest in the development and continual growth of key professionals. CRAFT is all about innovative solutions. Our capability encompasses multi-industry experience and learning & developmental solutions and Organization Development Interventions.

CRAFT has a vision to explore interventions that serve beyond the time and situational challenges. They promise to help organizations. create happy employees who in turn create satisfied and repeat customers.

CRAFT works with you to analyze, develop, implement and track business excellence solutions.

Celebrity Master Trainer

Manoj Joshi

Sameer Dharmadhikari

Yateen Karyekar

We Specialize in

  • Leadership attributes The Chanakya Way
  • Management lessons & Mahabharata
  • Campus to Corporate
  • Inhibitions ,Values & Ethics
  • Performance Management
  • Client / Customer service
  • Bias Non Bias
  • Outbound Team Building Programs
  • Sales & After Sales
  • Train the Trainer

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