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About Curtain Raiser

Acting & Film Making School in Pune & Mumbai:

Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre (CRAFT) is a renowned acting academy based in Pune and Mumbai. It was started by veteran Producer/Director Prashant Mahadev Girkar; he designed a film & theatre school that is not only affordable but also, more importantly, founded on the principle of learning by doing.

Driven by the belief that the growth of an actor and growth as a human are no different. Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre (CRAFT) provides the best training in theatre acting and film making, and disciplines to nurture and support actors who then emerge as committed artists and better humans. Inspired by the idea, ‘to learn how to make movies, one must actually make movies’, Prashant Mahadev Girkar and his team designed a truly unique curriculum.

Blending a mixture of traditional film school instructions with a new approach, Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre (CRAFT) emphasizes coursework that is based on the students actually going out and shooting films as a part of their coursework.

At Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre (CRAFT), students write, produce, direct and edit their own original films while also serving as crew members on their fellow classmates’ films to gain extensive on-set experience in film, television and theatre. They are also dedicated to initiatives that engage the past, the present and the future of the moving image arts which makes it the best drama school in Pune and Mumbai. The film and theatre classes at Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre (CRAFT) has an excellent & distinguished faculty comprising the legends of the Film & Television Industry.

The teaching process is exhausting yet enriching. Theory, practical, games, exercises, activities, study tours, group perceptions, guest lectures, and most importantly guidance and counselling by the best in the industry is provided throughout the programme.

Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre (CRAFT) is known to be the best acting institute in Pune and Mumbai and is now expanding its curriculum as well as its global presence; it is now spreading its wings across many destinations with various programs worldwide.

The commitment towards ‘learning by doing’ applies to all of the programs the academy now offers. It also includes students working with industry standard equipment in world-class facilities. At the Academy, students can choose from a wide range of visual and performing arts programs that include Theatre Acting, Set Designing, Dubbing, Filmmaking, Acting for Films, Direction, Cinematography, Digital Editing, Documentary Filmmaking, Producing and Screenwriting.


Our vision is to create a global understanding and appreciation for the art and craft, visual, audio and kinaesthetic storytelling. Learn acting and its techniques through theatre and film making courses, acting workshops and train aspiring actors so as to mould them into future professionals, that they may one day serve the visual storytelling arts as industry leaders.
To be the best acting school for kids and adults across the globe is our aim.


At CRAFT, our courses have been designed to increase students’ creativity and technical expertise through an intense regimen of hands-on and classroom instruction.
At Curtain Raiser, our goal is to enrich our students by helping them realize their personal artistic visions and believe in themselves.
In addition to our teaching centre, we offer public programming and extensive community outreach.


CRAFT has set the following objectives to fulfill its stated mission:

  • To provide a learning environment conducive to creative thought and artistic expression, as well as hands-on collaboration.
  • To help students better appreciate the art and craft of visual storytelling so that they may develop as artists and better express their personal artistic visions.
  • To empower students to find and develop a creative voice.
  • To teach and develop new capabilities in students’ approach to the art and craft of visual storytelling.