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Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre (CRAFT)

Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre (CRAFT)  is a renowned acting academy based in Pune and Mumbai started by veteran  Producer/ Director Prashant Mahadev Girkar who designed a film & theatre  school that is not only affordable, but more importantly, was founded on the principle of learning by doing. 

Driven by the belief that the growth of  an actor and growth as a human  are no different.  Curtain Raiser Academy for Film and Theatre ( CRAFT )  provides the best training in theatre acting and film making , and disciplines to nurture and support actors who then emerge as  committed artists and even better humans.

Inspired by the idea that to learn,  how to make movies, one must actually make movies,  Prashant  Mahadev Girkar  and Nameeta Wagle designed a truly unique  curriculum.

On Board Faculty

Our experts make you the Artists.

Vijay Kenkre

Theatre Acting and Direction

Yateen Karyekar

On Screen Acting

Yogesh Soman

Voice Culture & Modulation

Rajan Bhise

Set Designing

Prashant Girkar

Film making & Theatre techniques

Rahul Ranade

Background Score & Music

Sukanya Mone

Confidence Building

Raj Kazi

Script Writing

Nameeta Wagle

Method Acting

Pari Telang

Vijay Patwardhan

Sameer Dharmadhikari

Guest Faculties

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CRAFT is not just an institution for acting, it is an academy where you learn to dream and make that dream come true. Take one step forward through this registration and your journey begins. Let your dreams get the stage here.


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Adapting Culture

We adapt with time and advances. Everyone with flame in their heart is welcome here.

Deliberate Courses

Our all courses are designed on the basis of necessity. Level by level, get yourself polished.

Professional Edification

We have professional experts to teach you every and exact detail of the field.

Do It, Learn It

The courses offer more of practical knowledge. You learn here by applying the facts.

Superb Facilities

Learning is fun here. Because we avail you here with every resource you require.

Explore, Experience

You have every opportunity to explore your world of imagination and experience your capacities.